Just recently…in the last ten years or so.. I have had the opportunity to build my portfolio. Travel. Community Events. Head Shots. Weddings. Engagements. Prenatal. Portraiture. Baby Showers. Birthdays. Life’s big events. Thanks to friends, family and Prine Photography for the opportunities. It is a joy to employ this passion of mine.

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Photography has been a passion of mine since I was fifteen years old. I took one photography class in high school. The first camera I used was my dad’s Cannon manual SLR. In the days of film rolls. I actually had to wind up the film when I finished a roll. I developed my own black and white film in the high school dark room. I learned to pay attention to subtleties that impact a photo. I learned about using light, exposure times, shutter speeds, apertures, and film grains. I got a Cannon SLR for my 18th birthday, EOS ELAN II. It would focus on what I was looking at, automatically. It was lighter. And it instinctively rewound when the roll was done. Amazing.

Now I use a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon D100. Digital photography is more versatile.  So I can take more risks. I have fun editing on the computer changing the exposure times with the slide of the mouse. I still only make subtle adjustments though. I’d rather remember what the subject looked like when I took the shots.

Through time, experience, and loads of fun I have and continue to fine-tune my eye to catch those moments that we treasure and the beauty that seems elusive at times. I seek to capture LIFE through my lens.



Interested in setting up a photo session? Send me an email: hailey rohde at gmail dot com

If you would like to connect on Facebook, click here.


5 responses to “Photography

  1. Sarah

    I love your photography, Hailey! You are very talented. I hope I get to see more of it soon.

  2. MOM

    Beautiful! Your perspective is always unique. Open that gallery!!

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