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Garden Update: Harvest

Looking out at the garden I tried to determine if the carrots were tall enough and if there might just be one that was ready to eat. I chatted with Abambo about it and he said that when he planted them before, it was halfway through March when they were ready. He pushed away the dirt from the top of one to show that there was still some room to grow. Amayi noticed that I was looking for something to harvest, so she picked a bean pod to show me that I would be able to harvest the beans in the next few days.

I thought that pictures would more clearly illustrate the beauty of harvest time.

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Pepper season?

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 Short and sweet (or spicy)! We have been finding peppers everywhere. Some have been hotter than others, and I have been learning all about capsicum (thanks to a few friends, and with some help from google and wikipedia).

Please,  just for fun, if you can, identify the peppers pictured.


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