Overnight I changed from feeling tired and wanting to nap to looking around the house to work on anything that I possibly could. I have this ongoing list in my head of things to do: prepare meals to freeze, specifically: mix a few batches of pizza dough to freeze, organize a phone-calling tree to share the good news, charge the camera batteries, get the baby monitor and set it up, clean some baby clothes and linens (but how many?!), organize the garage, stock up the fridge, make sure all the bills are paid, get a haircut, vacuum, dust, mop, etc. I’ve played out different scenarios in my head, like if I were to go into labor this evening, would we be running around the house doing last loads of laundry and throwing those last few things in the hospital bag? Or if my water broke when I’m at the grocery store, should I drive home or call D to pick me up, but then what about the car? Then I just have to practice my breathing, wait…have I practiced it enough?? Will I be able to relax my body like we practiced in birthing class? Maybe I should stop writing and just breath right now.

This phenomenon that occurs later in pregnancy where the mother has the urge to get life in order to prepare for the baby is called nesting. For me, it started a few weeks ago when I had an overwhelming feeling and all I could do was sit still and write down everything that was on my mind and which I felt needed to get done before baby arrives. The list was four pages long. The list will most likely not get completed based on the time we have left. Why, some things we’ve been working on for seven years and haven’t accomplished. Is anyone ever really ready? Knowing that no one ever is, is comforting.

Just around the nesting phase (which apparently can start at any point even in the end of the second trimester), my belly was huge and people often were asking me if I was ready or if I had gotten everything I needed for the baby. Of course, I also started hearing comments like “wow, it looks like she’s dropped” “do you have your bag packed for the hospital” or “do you just feel like you’re ready to have this baby?” When the questions started coming I knew that our baby girl’s lungs hadn’t fully developed (based on the books I had been reading and my weekly updates from a few apps on my phone), so I wasn’t too keen on the ideas I was hearing. Now that I’ve made it to week 37, I am breathing a bit easier as the same comments come my way. The 37-week mark means that I have come full term and the baby will be just fine if she decides to arrive any day now.

We can’t wait to meet her!


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