On Turning Thirty.

The day kind of came and went like a cool refreshing breeze. The world around me built up this day as if it was something to conquer. To me it was just another birthday to enjoy and thank God. Thank God for life.

Growing up, my family had this tradition: you could do anything that you wanted on your birthday. It was your day. I remember getting out of school early and going to the toy store to pick something out. In middle school, once I left school early and went to a fancy restaurant for lunch with my mom. As I’ve gotten older I have just made sure I got to do something special, treat myself. One year I woke up early and before work and went out for a croissant and a latte. Last year we visited Malingunde where I got to see some monkeys and later our friends made a birthday dinner and even a cake! This year, D made me breakfast, I went on a morning walk and took some photos, next I went to work, then to a Farmer’s Market in the afternoon, ran a few errands, and after that went home to rest. D came home a little early to take me out to a fancy dinner. We went on a walk after dinner because it was still light out. I got to spend time with my best friend. It was good. I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

It’s not so much what I do on that day as it is how I choose to see it. Taking that day in through the lens of peace. Maybe it’s abandoning the piles of laundry, dirty dishes or dusting and getting an ice cream and taking a walk at the beach. Praising God that I’m alive and being grateful for the people God has placed in my life.

When my husband turned thirty last year, he wrote a blog post about what he wanted to accomplish in the next five years. I am not going to do that, only because to be completely honest, I’ve tried to set big goals to attain written on a list; I fail miserably. I am proud of him, that he can say to the world what he wants to do and then go after it. This Memorial Day weekend he went to the Indy’ 500, to a game at Wrigley Field and we’re expecting in July, so that’s a few down already.

This next decade holds a new season for us. We will become parents. My birthday next year will look much different than it ever has. As for being thirty, I’m feeling just fine.


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  1. Deanne Rohde

    Beautiful. And so true. Love you–

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