Words for a Mother-to-be

With the world telling us that whatever we do is just not enough, here’s a little love and encouragement from some friends… (the words just made me smile so big I had to share)

You are capable of being the perfect mother for this child. Trust your instincts and be confident in what you know is right for your family. Use your phone to communicate anytime you need or want help! You are loved and friends can’t wait to serve! Know that God blessed you with all the gifts you’ll need to be a great mommy! Have your husband get up with the baby after the last feeding at 6am or so and let you sleep for a couple more hours.                   Sleep whenever you can, wherever you can. Find good movies to watch on Netflix with your husband when you’re up at 1-4am. Ask for help. Snuggle, snuggle, snuggle! Have a well-stocked first aid kit! Always inspire her to dream big and reassure her that she can do anything. Just love your baby! Make bedtime special when she’s older. Read a lot (to her)! Sing a lot! Do what feels right. Forgive yourself. Enjoy seeing the world through new eyes. Never sit down to nurse without a glass of water. Pray a lot and have fun! Use friends to help baby-sit! Have your husband bring the baby to you during nighttime feedings. Having children is the greatest and hardest thing you will do in your life… Trust yourself, trust the Holy Spirit in you… He will be your guide. You know what to do!!! Skin to skin really works! It was my favorite moment. Trust your instincts.. Let people help you.. don’t try and do it all yourself.. Go to a mom’s group! Join a playgroup early, it’s really for the mommies! Let others help you when they offer, they WANT to help. Love your baby lots! Stay true to yourself and feel free to ignore the advice of all the moms… You are going to be an amazing mom! Just because you’re amazing!

Feel free to add more in the comments section below!


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