The last few weeks somehow got very busy for me. David went to Malawi, and for some unknown reason I found every nook and cranny of each of those days and filled it right up. With people to see or things to do. By the time David returned, I was ready to lock myself inside my house and sleep for a three days straight. I did slow down. It’s amazing to me how I could just dive right into that strange normal that so many of us are accustomed to on a regular basis. What exactly are we all chasing after anyway?

Our lives get so filled to the brim that we just forget to stop to take a breath. It is my sincere belief that sometimes catching a cold is good for us because it forces us to pause for a moment. It forces us to stop. Rest. Reflect. Return to God in prayer.

One of the many things that I have noticed upon return to America is that we rarely take time to pause. The moments move so quickly because life is just so fast.

The questions just won’t stop coming. Are you settled in yet? Do you have a job yet? No one asks if the pictures have made their way onto the open walls, or if I have found that one good friend (Lu and the Swamp Ghost). Or how they could be a friend. People don’t seem to want to know if I have discovered that cozy coffee shop where I have found that certain corner to read a good book, or if I have found a farmer’s market that sells locally grown food. The focus is so much on what we are doing instead of who we are being. If you haven’t recently, take a moment, or an afternoon, and just pause.


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  1. Mom

    SO true. Thanks for the reminder–

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