Well, you’re in America now and here we…

I only heard this phrase a few times, it came in different forms. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I heard it sometimes after I started a sentence with, “In Africa…”

Living in Malawi for a time changed me. I may be in America now, but the people and experiences there made a lasting imprint on my heart. After a few months of being home, people sometimes asked me if I had made the complete transition back to this culture. My response was that I believe that I had transitioned as much as I would. All the other stuff is just how God changed me from the experience. I find it difficult to stay the same. Especially after going and seeing, living, breathing another culture. Sometimes I hear sermons that impress upon my heart, sometimes it’s books I read or conversations with people. Encounters that compel. I always desire to be open to God changing my heart. Are you open to God changing your heart?


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