Birthday in Malawi

I got to see monkeys on my birthday!

So the evening before, our friend, Sydney decided to come for a visit. He had some business to take care of in town and came here to sleep for the night, and of course chat a bit. When he found out it was my birthday the following day he said I would be a baby again. Then I mentioned that I was planning to wake up in the morning and make breakfast, his response was that I couldn’t do that because I was a baby again and babies don’t know how to make breakfast. Fine with me, David could cook then.

Of course, my birthday breakfast of egg surprise, breakfast potatoes, and tea was lovely. Then we were off to Malingunde to visit the CCAP youth camp, meet with the pastor and take pictures of the school for the blind to send to the mission team who is doing some work there in June. Naturally, we had a quality meeting and then when we were leaving Malingunde CCAP I noticed some monkeys walking around. Pretty fun.

We made it back to the house for a few minutes and then we went off to meet with a friend about our upcoming camping trip. Exciting.

For dinner, Vasco and Mada got a few people from their church together to have a birthday dinner for me. Again, the baby thing, I couldn’t possibly make my own dinner! Besides Vasco and Mada, I had only met the other people one time and they opened their home to us. It was some good fellowship and quite a blessing that our friends here would take their time to prepare a delicious meal. We were able to relax and laugh together which is so fun. There was a gift, a card, and they even had a birthday cake!

Here are a few photos from the day: 

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5 responses to “Birthday in Malawi

  1. Amy Beam

    I am so glad that your birthday wad special. The comments about being like a baby that day are quite interesting.

  2. Mom

    Wonderful!! So glad you were “pampered” on your birthday–you deserve it!! The cake is fantastic! Hello to Vasco and Mada. Miss you all!!


  3. Sarabeth

    Hailey, that does sound like quite a memorable birthday! I’m glad people there went to extra effort to make it special for you! =)
    Happy Birthday!


  4. Krista

    Happy belated monkey birthday, friend!!! I love you!

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