An Interesting Maneuver

I was with a friend for a trip to town when we noticed a minibus driver seemingly changing his mind on which direction to go whilst already perpendicularly positioning the vehicle in the middle of the road. I commented that that was an “interesting maneuver” and she said many things that occur here seem to be in the category of “interesting maneuvers”. I then decided to go searching for such situations and capture as many as I could on film.

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Things that I have seen and may or may not have caught on film:
-Fitting as much as humanly possible into any sort of vehicle used for public transit.
-The ridiculous amounts of charcoal/mangos/bananas/sticks/wooden spoons/etc. loaded onto the top, back, sides, and front of bicycles.
-At the market, I was once asked to pay $4 for a squash that was the size of an avocado. I just walked away.
-The bamboo that Abambo used for the beans to climb on as they grow.
-The showerhead..pipe..thing.
-The exterior light fixtures that are inside the manse, which have already fried the wires three times. Good thing the walls are made of brick and cement, no fires here!
-Sticking the wires straight into the electrical socket.

Mostly in all of this, although some “maneuvers” are really unsafe, all show that people use what they have and are often quite creative about doing so. We can certainly take note and make an attempt to use what we have to accomplish what needs to be done.


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