Malawians are the Toughest People I Know. Continued. Again.

Reason #7: Zimachitika! It happens! Not long after arriving here in October, the water stopped. I was freaking out. But Love said, “it happens”. Not much is a problem, because things just happen in ways that we don’t predict. Things that are a problem to our Western minds, to Malawians, are just part of daily life. Occurrences come and then pass and as long as we have breath and life, all is well.

Reason #8: Amayi picks up bugs (spiders, cockroaches, etc.) with her bare hands. When we first arrived to the manse in October the place was infested with all kinds of bugs. Whatever the thing was, Amayi would just pick it up with her hands. More recently, one day, Abambo wanted to tell David something: the past night something had fallen on top of him when he was sleeping and he threw it off not knowing what it was. It turned out to be a centipede, and Amayi took care of it for him. She is fearless.

Reason #9: Fresh um, maize. I’ll try to explain, but well, the corn here is hard and chewy, unless you eat the green maize, which hasn’t yet matured. After about a week of eating the fresh maize, we were sitting at dinner while I was doing my best to chew the pieces of maize, my jaw started to hurt. Everyone laughed about it. Then when I was talking to Chepa about my jaw hurting the next day, I was explaining that I thought I could only eat the really fresh maize that was still soft. She said, “Oh, so like the maize that Agogo eat! Because it’s softer on their teeth. Ahha.” Agogo means a person old enough to be a grandparent.


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