Malawians are the Toughest People I Know. Continued.

Reason #4: Walking is the main transport system. This might mean that people walk all day to go between Nkhoma and Lilongwe to sell their cassava. When people see us running for exercise, we sometimes get funny looks, at other times children follow after us for fun, but mainly we are the crazy ones who have to do something extra to get exercise.

Reason #5: Vasco came for a visit and when we walked him to his truck we noticed there were two chickens sitting in the bed. David asked if those were the local chickens or the hybrid ones, and then the conversation went somehow to the fact that Malawian’s were so strong, the people in the villages even eat chicken and cow bones! Vasco jokingly said that the hybrid chickens are for us, because they are not as tough as the local ones.

Reason #6: It is commonplace to have daily prayer services at church, each morning at 5AM! Some people go to sleep at midnight, and awake at 4AM! I have tried to get up before 5 o’clock in the morning, only to be completely wiped out the entire day.


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