Pepper season?

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 Short and sweet (or spicy)! We have been finding peppers everywhere. Some have been hotter than others, and I have been learning all about capsicum (thanks to a few friends, and with some help from google and wikipedia).

Please,  just for fun, if you can, identify the peppers pictured.



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3 responses to “Pepper season?

  1. Deb

    From right to Left: thai chili or serano, scotch bonnet, Chinese, yellow murshroom, cherio, ?, Red bell pepper?, Bell Pepper, bagalore Torepdo/ cayenne, ?

  2. Mom

    Never knew peppers could be so beautiful! Kudos to the photographer!

  3. the truth is I’m not 100% sure of the names of these peppers…but I can say that from left to right: #3&4 are bell peppers, #5, 6, 7 I think are scotch bonnets, #8 no idea, then perhaps #9 a habanero and #10 a bird’s eye chili.

    Also, sometimes the venders can tell me a Malawian name of a fruit or vegetable, but rarely an English name. The guy who sold me the red scotch bonnets, didn’t seem to know English so when I asked him if they were spicy he just smiled.

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