Garden Update: Between the Rows

Rain means that crops grow. It has been a joy to watch the seedlings emerge from the ground, reach towards the sky and double or triple in size over days and weeks. I have spent time weeding and searching for caterpillars or snails that strive to taste the vegetables first. I have contemplated why the peppers and asparagus are so few and far between and if they will even make it to maturity in the time we are here. Each day I try to take a walk in the garden, looking closely for flowers or seedpods, checking the few pepper sprouts to see if they are still growing, and plucking some weeds out of the dirt.

It’s amazing what happens when water drenches dry, seemingly empty soil. From first glance, it looked like dirt. However, as soon as the rains began to fall, all sorts of growth happened. Those seeds that had dried through the hot season came popping up everywhere. We found various tree sprouts unfurling ubiquitously, along with tomato, bonegwa (Malawian green, eaten like spinach), grass, sweet potato, winter squash, beans, and a number of other plants of which I do not know the name.

Something occurs as seasons change. Those seeds needed their dry spell, when all the moisture was drawn out of them. They waited, dry, in a pause until the time of plenty. Growth only happened in the right conditions. Is our life not the same? Scripture speaks of this in Ecclesiastes 3, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…”

This is the time for us to be here, in Malawi. It is the time when God is opening my eyes to things I would never have seen otherwise. Never had I really seen a time when the earth grows as it is growing here now. There are many lessons that God is teaching me.

Are you in a dry season? Be encouraged. There is a time for everything.

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2 responses to “Garden Update: Between the Rows

  1. Mom

    Beautiful! In word and pictures–

  2. Amy Beam

    Ah I miss you Hailey! I noticed that the lettuce that I planted in April is finally growing. It is a cool season vegetable so it makes sense. I hope that you get to enjoy the harvest.

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