Women’s Guild

As a pastor’s wife (Mia Abusa pronounced mybusa), I participate in the Women’s Guild, and am a part of leadership too.

As a member of the Women’s Guild at Lingadzi CCAP, I had to memorize this:


Aims of the Women’s Guild:

The aim of the women’s guild is to encourage Christian women to be genuine witnesses for Christ, and to unite them as they serve God among people.

Duties of a Women’s Guild Member:

1. To spread the Word of God through

–   Teaching Sunday school children

–   Teaching Catechumen class

–   Sharing lessons from the daily guide

–   Encouraging the lost to come to Christ

2. Doing charity work through

–   Visiting the sick

–   Visiting the bereaved and the elderly

–   Following up the backsliders

–   Encouraging the weak in faith

–   Turning back the backslider and the lost

3. Responsibilities of a Women’s Guild Member

a.     A Women’s Guild Member should ensure that her service to God starts in her own family.

b.    She should realize the importance of family prayer and make sure it is not neglected. She should help her children to learn the Word of God, teach them to pray, and make sure that they attend Sunday school.

c.     Sunday worship at the church is important. She should therefore observe it and also attend all church meetings that she is a part of.

d.    She should reject all traditional and cultural practices that are contrary to God’s Word.

e.     She is the one to take care of her family by ensuring among other things that the following are put to in order:

–       Her home

–       Her husband’s clothes and children’s clothes

f.      Each year she should faithfully fulfill her vows regarding Sunday offerings, monthly pledges, and contributions to the Women’s Guild.

Comments and discussion welcome!! Please chat it up!

My first comment: in response to 3.e.—you will see a blog post later..



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4 responses to “Women’s Guild

  1. Amy Beam

    Tough list! I’m pretty sure that I would be kicked out eventually for breaking one of the rules. It kind of sounds like you will be a deacon.

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