Sunscreen, Mobile phones, Mybusa, and bananas

We got two mobile phones today plus minutes, for thirty-three dollars US. Here, you pay as you go. Seems like a pretty good system. Of course, when I came to Malawi before, I felt as if I was going back in time. The phones reminded me of my first phone, a simple thing. Phone calls and text messages only with just a few buttons. I have to relearn how to use it. We did hunt for the phones for some time because it was about lunchtime when we were out looking for them and people were out to lunch or no longer sold phones. Lunch here means leaving around noon and not coming back until half past two or so. There was no way we were waiting a few hours for the workers to return. This is Africa after all.  We started at the grocery store, then to two small shops, to an electronic store, and finally to a small shop that sold only mobile phones. The funny thing, was that in each store they said to go across the street or next door to find what we were looking for. While we went from place to place, the sun was beating down warm on my skin. Just enough to remind me that it was a warm day. I had forgotten to apply sunscreen though. So after returning home, looking at my arms, I was reminded that I would need to apply sunscreen every day.

I found out that I have a formal name as the pastor’s wife, it is Mybusa (not sure on the spelling). It means Mrs. Pastor, My means Mrs. and busa means pastor. First, I must be formal, and then when someone becomes a close friend, I may be called by my first name. This was a lesson I learned from Madalitso, Vasco’s wife. They have been a blessing to us. I am looking forward to more times when I can ask questions about this culture and learn more. It’s difficult not knowing, and not being sure of how to ask or if it’s acceptable to ask.

I had my first banana since arriving here this morning during breakfast. It was good. I am glad I’m in a place where they grow, so they are local, and grow year-round. Haha! So exciting. There was another fruit that I had, but the name is escaping me…much like many other names.



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2 responses to “Sunscreen, Mobile phones, Mybusa, and bananas

  1. Amy Beam

    Yay for locally grown fruit! As for sunburns no one ever believes me but if you rub vinegar on it later that day it lessens the pain.

  2. Shannon Cunningham

    Hi Haley,
    I love reading all of your thoughts. It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. I am so excited for you both! I think I am going to have to teach our congregation Mybusa. I love it!!!

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