Taking off

During the month of august I avoided saying goodbye. There were moments when I knew in the far corner of my mind that I would not see someone again. But I choose not to accept this idea, yet. When the ordination happened it seemed like our San Diego community jumped to spend time with us; while at the same time we feverishly packed up our home (for the first time in five years), trying to set aside what we’d need in Africa, as well as what we’d need for the remainder of our time in America. It was a blessing to have dinner plans just about every night especially after the kitchen was all packed away. As soon as september came, the clear reality finally took hold. We had “last times” of everything. The last visits to favorite restaurants, Padres games, and local places. The last bible study meetings, coffee dates, and dinners with friends. My brain was pretty much fried during our last week, as my emotions of saying goodbye took over while I was trying desperately to make sure I had all the details of moving away covered. The truth is that this place will always be home. We are not leaving for good. We’ll be back and know that our family and friends here will be happy to have us return when we do.


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