Realization starts to set in..

So, the more that I talk with people about Africa, the more it becomes a real. I had some friends from work over for dinner. We started out chatting about stuff we’ve been doing for the previous week of time off, it went to the weather, to some reflections on the school year, and then the conversation rolled around to me talking about Africa. Where we are going, what we will eat, how our families are taking it, etc. After getting gelato I walked back alone…thinking that soon enough I would be meeting new people and forming new friendships. I will be stretched, I will grow. I will also miss friends here. I will miss sharing life with you. It’s not so often that one gets the opportunity to work with people who are amazing at what they do, who collaborate and always have some idea to contribute, who have good hearts, and are plain funny and fun to be around. I have so enjoyed working with you all. The people with whom we surround ourselves tend to rub off on us. Thank you for being around me to mold me into a better teacher, and probably a better person too.


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