God Calling… to Malawi?

The story goes like this.. in March of 2009, some friends from Malawi said to David that there was a church in Malawi where he could serve God. He relayed this to me with a smirk and a smile. We both agreed, God will have a place for us here, in the United States, where we have lived our lives, where it’s comfortable. Why would we go elsewhere anyway? So then, David searched, prayed, interviewed, searched more. He started looking in the western states. We prayed, he emailed, he interviewed, he searched more. Then broadened the search to the whole country.

A year went by. We found closed doors. I was mad. Angry. Where was the church we were to serve? Why would God carry David through seminary all those years and then not provide a church to serve? I was feeling selfish. I was tired of telling people that we were still looking and getting the same responses. The economy is not doing well, to say the least. Perhaps the PERFECT place for us just hadn’t been revealed to us, yet. People would say, well, that we were learning patience. That, we were still serving God, where we are here. Then it had been 14 months of searching. Of hoping and being let down. I didn’t know if I should even discuss prospective churches with friends and family because I’d just have to return to tell them later, that, again, a door had been closed. Closed gently and in a loving way, but still, closed.

All the while we were praying and searching, our friends in Malawi continued to send emails reminding us that, in fact, there was a position available there, that we were still, welcome to Malawi. So, after all the closed doors, and that one still open, in Malawi, I started to open my heart to the idea of going there.

Sometime in the spring, I mentioned to David that perhaps we should go to Malawi. We prayed. He started talking to people about the possibility. Not too much later, we are actually preparing to go.


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